Good communication cannot compensate for ‘poor change’ initiatives but conversely poor communication can severely affect the perception and feel of ‘good change’.

Effective communications need to be planned and can be used to:

  • Set and manage expectations
  • Provide updates on what you are doing
  • Build ideas and participation
  • Improve adoption of change and ultimately its success.
  • Celebrate successes!

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Hints & Tips

  • Start the Communications plan at the outset.
  • Revisit the compelling need for the change at every opportunity.
  • Ensure it is 2-way and provide a clear & visible feedback process.
  • Test and pilot communications with target groups.
  • Use a variety of methods but link with a common theme.
  • Do not communicate everything to everyone, target the right people at the right time.
  • Review the success of the communications and change the approach if needed.
  • Ensure that there are no communication voids to reduce the space for rumours.