Change Control

  • An initiative may encounter a change to its scope, costs, timescales or quality which can have a detrimental impact if not managed and controlled.
  • The change control process ensure that each change proposed is adequately defined, reviewed and approved before implementation.
  • The change control process helps avoid unnecessary changes that might disrupt services and also ensures the best use of resources

Change Log

Click the DOWNLOAD button to access the Change Control Log template


Hints & Tips

  • A useful way of capturing the details needed to assess a change is through a change request form.
  • Use a change log, shown above, to ensure you keep a record of all changes proposed along with the summary of the assessment and any decision made.
  • When assessing each change, be consistent and consider scope, budget and timescales.
  • Include all proposed changes in the log, even if they are rejected immediately.
  • Ensure the sponsor or lead for the initiative understands the impact of the change request.