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UCDG Summary Report

A number of strategic change initiatives report monthly to the University Change Delivery Group (UCDG) chaired by the Interim Chief Operating Officer. Adoption into this portfolio is based on the scale of investment, impact and risk.

This subset of initiatives are required to complete the UCDG Summary Report. This report tracks initiative information including:

  • Workstream summary updates and highlights
  • Key milestones progress
  • Financial data including current budget and forecast costs
  • RAID - Risk, Assumption, Issues and Dependencies
  • Benefits

Click the DOWNLOAD button to access the UCDG Summary Report.



Hints & Tips

  • The UCDG Report has been developed to auto-populate with information held in Microsoft Project Online. It is important these data links are refreshed when you complete the report to ensure you are working with the latest information.
  • The Planning and Reporting Standards includes guidance on how to complete the report. A copy of this can be requested from the Business Change PMO.
  • If you are unsure whether you need to complete the UCDG Report, please get in touch with the Business Change PMO –