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People & Change

Who we are...

The People & Change team work collaboratively with other services to ensure we have a people centred approach to delivering change across the University. Through understanding the impact of the change, we can call upon these partnering services to help with change delivery activities.

What we do...

We put the people impacted at the heart of what we do so that change is delivered successfully, and the benefits are fully realised.

We engage those impacted early to understand:

  • What's changing
  • What it means for them
  • How we can work closely with them to ensure they are fully engaged and supported to make the change

Visual of the five stages of People and Change.

How can we help?

A people-centred approach to leading and managing change. To complement the other Change functions, the People & Change team can offer:


People & Change Partners offer internal consultancy support in the triage / scoping / planning / delivery of change activities, guiding and supporting colleagues to identify opportunities to engage staff (and other stakeholders) in the change process.


Design and delivery of interventions to support the planning, implementation and adoption of change.

Centre of Excellence

Building change capability in our growing community of practitioners to increase overall change maturity across the University.

Toolkit and Templates

Tools and Template available to use and tailor to your own change activities.

People and Change process, detailed in text below.

We are reviewing the documents as part of an ongoing process to improve their accessibility and quality. If you have any issues accessing the documents or would like to provide feedback please get in touch via email to Joanna Sugden, Head of HR - People and Change -