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Creating a Strategic Plan

Why have a Strategic Plan?

  • It sets out our future direction and ensures that what we do is aligned to it in the context of changing internal and external forces.
  • Without a strategic plan there is a risk that we do could become irrelevant, noncompetitive or mean we are not able to reach our full ‘impact’ potential.
  • It helps everyone understand our direction, get buy in and helps people understand how they can contribute.
  • Provides a sense of common purpose and ownership – ‘Our plan’

Creating a Strategic Plan Process

Key considerations for creating a strategic plan are typically:

  • How we will meet the needs of our own ambitions
  • How we will respond to financial challenges
  • How we will manage opportunities and threats posed by the external market
  • How we will comply with new regulation / legislation

Click the DOWNLOAD button to access the Creating a Strategic Plan template.



Hints & Tips

  • Use this document to support creation of the Strategic Need for an initiative. It will support to answer the ‘Why?’ question: Why do you need this initiative?
  • Refer to the University’s Strategic Plan to support completion of this document. A copy of the University Strategic Plan can be downloaded here.
  • See the Governance Management Strategy and Plan for more information on roles and responsibilities.