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A Practical Guide To Delivering Results

A Practical Guide to Delivering Results

We are all impacted by change on a daily basis whether it is leading it, delivering it or being affected by it. There are times when sharing ideas or ways of doing things save us from 're-inventing the wheel', giving us a good place to start our thinking.

A cross-University Working Group has met regularly, supplying many tools and templates as well as providing valuable feedback on the use of the tools in our University. The output of all this work is this Delivering Results Guide, available online as well as in booklet format.

Delivering Results Lifecycle

The Delivering Results Lifecycle providesĀ a framework for delivering a project or activity.

Delivering Results Themes

There are a number of themes that should be considered throughout all phases of the lifecycle. Although each of these themes should be considered, the extent will depend on the type, size and complexity of the initiative.

Principles for Delivering Change

The Principles for Delivering Change is a single page summary of the way we want to implement changes at the University.

A Practical Guide to Documenting and Designing Processes

A vast range of business and process analysis tools and methodologies which you could employ to help you understand, evaluate or design a process.

Business Case - Investment Appraisal

Delivering Results is aligned to the Capital Investment Appraisal process for Business Case templates and to provide the decision-making framework.

Delivering Results Events

Look out for details on next event coming soon. For information on our previous events, check out our Yammer Delivering Results Community where we have shared the presentations and activities.

Something lighter?

For smaller pieces of work or initiatives, you may only need to adopt a light touch approach to Delivering Results.

How can it help me?

Different roles may find certain tools of particular use or interest.

Download Templates

All our toolkits and templates are available to download. Find an index of the tools here. You can view the tools by lifecycle phase or by theme.