Something lighter?

It can be useful to consider the Delivering Results lifecycle when approaching activity of any size. It may be pragmatic and sensible to merge phases together especially for small initiatives (i.e. Define the Scope and Set Up) or it may be helpful just use some of the tools from some of the phases for certain activities. As not all change activity requires a full suite of tools and templates we have cherry picked a few that you might find helpful when managing a smaller piece of work.

Establish the Need

Why do we need to make this change? Who wants this change to happen?

The rationale for the change could be captured in the Initiative Summary on a Page and an accompanying SWOT analysis could be completed with your team understand what might need to change.

Define the Scope

What’s in scope? What are the options? Who needs to be involved? What does good look like?

This information could also be captured in the Initiative Summary on a Page. By this stage a number of risks and issues may have come to light. These could be captured in a Risk log.

Set Up

How should we structure ourselves to oversee the activity? Is there clarity on what tasks are happening, who is doing them and when are they doing them?

Information as to who’s delivering what activity when could be captured in a plan on a page. Decisions and actions from meeting could be captured and tracked in an actions and decisions log.

Test & Deliver

This is the doing phase i.e. where the tasks identified on the plan are being actioned and / or tested. Progress updates can be shared with key stakeholders using a highlight report.

Sustain Results & Review

Have we delivered what we said we would? Can we sustain the activity? Have we any learning to share from the activity?

The reflective analysis log can be used to capture any lessons that have been learned and can be carried forward to future activities. It may also be helpful to complete a post initiative review with the key people who were involved in the project to encompass this activity.