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Initiative Summary on a Page

Initiative Summary is a great way to set out the initiative on a page. It is great for summarising some of the key information for larger initiatives and can be used instead of a full Definition Document for smaller initiatives. It is a simple tool that answers the what, why, who, where, how and when.

It is normally written by the person delivering the change and communicates key information. It enables people to see a quick picture of the initiative without reading a multiple page document.

Source: University of Birmingham

Click the DOWNLOAD button to access the Initiative Summary template



Hints & Tips

  • It can be used to set the scene for a group planning session or a working group to get everyone thinking about what’s involved in the change.
  • Or alternatively as a visual aid when trying to get buy in and support from key stakeholders.
  • By the time you reach the end of the Set Up phase, you should be able to complete all sections of this page.