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Mandate Statement of Need

Defining the Mandate Statement of Need is the culmination of a number of processes and outputs that help define the requirement for change and the programme of activities that will support reaching the desired operating model.

At the heart of this review will be the benefits case for implementing change and ultimately the initiative you write about.

It is recommended that a review of Processes, Organisation, Technology, Information and Culture (POTI) is carried out to understand what areas may require improvement and what the future operating model could look like. A gap analysis review will help identify what exactly needs to happen to reach the desired output and this will support to build the statement of need.

Click the DOWNLOAD button to access the Mandate Statement of Need template.



Hints & Tips

  • This tool will support to develop understanding around why the initiative is required and who it will impact. This initial consideration will support to develop the initiative Strategic Need Document which can also be developed as part of this phase.
  • The ‘need’ for an initiative, which could support an individual or a whole department, must align with the wider University Strategic Plan and Objectives.