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Testing is important to ensure that the product or service that forms the output of the change initiative is fit for purpose and meets the desired requirements. Please find more information on requirements in the Quality section.

Testing ensures that any errors have been spotted and removed.

There are many different ways to test the outputs and these should be tailored to best suit the initiative needs. This can range from a full testing strategy and test cases for an IT project to a small pilot for a new way of working or proof reading of a new course module content.


Hints & Tips

  • Even though testing is actioned in this phase, consider whether an activity requires testing during the Define the Scope phase so that the time and costs can be planned.
  • Don’t underestimate the time needed for testing as it is often the phase that gets squeezed when time pressures are faced.
  • Consider who will do the testing and where possible, involve key stakeholder groups to perform the testing to get real, practical feedback.