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Prioritising Requirements

The KANO model can be used to help categorise requirements into three types:

  • Expected: Typically unspoken, just a given e.g. University provides degree courses.
  • Wanted: Typically spoken, needs to be explicit e.g. Degree courses provide an industrial placement.
  • Delighters: Typically unspoken, exceeds expectations e.g. Degree courses ensure employability.

It enables us to think and prioritise requirements in terms of satisfaction and need.

Hints & Tips

  • Complete this as group exercise using post it notes.
  • Write down the requirements and put them in the right place on the chart.
  • Choose whether they are Delighters, Wanted or Expected (placement along the vertical axis).
  • Judge the extent to which they are being fulfilled or not (placement along the horizontal axis).
  • Consider from different stakeholders’ perspectives e.g. the student or the University.
  • Where possible group them, and agree with the team, that they are positioned correctly.