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Transformation Map

A Transformation Map can be used for all scales of initiatives and activity to map out the outputs to outcomes, the outcomes to the objectives and objectives to the overarching vision. 

A Transformation Map can be used to show alignment of activity to achieve a vision. It can be used for delivery of a team's service or for an initiative.

For more information on the terminology (i.e. outcome, objective etc.), please refer to the Glossary.


Click the DOWNLOAD button to access the Transformation Map template.



Hints & Tips

  1. Complete this exercise as a group and use post-it notes or electronically using the text boxes.
  2. Add in theme names (orange rectangles around the edges) for each of the objectives.​
  3. Amend the arrows (top of the image) to an appropriate timescale for the initiative or activity.
  4. Start with the vision and objectives.
  5. Each objective should relate to a theme. A theme could be a stream of outputs which together deliver a single objective.
  6. Consider which outcomes need to be achieved to meet the objectives.
  7. List the outputs required to achieve the outcomes and when they are likely / able to happen.
  8. Agree on the timescale for the overall vision to be achieved.