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Process Mapping

Process Mapping is a useful exercise when trying to identify all the steps and decisions in a process impacted by a change.

It enables us to define the current processes, identifying problem areas such as bottlenecks. This knowledge provides a starting point for understanding requirements.

Process Mapping can help the University improve consistency of service for staff and students. It also helps establish clear roles and responsibilities around a process and can be used as a communication or training aid.



Click the DOWNLOAD button to access a tool to support with Process Mapping.



Hints & Tips

When drawing the process map, ensure it covers:

  • What is happening
  • Where it is happening
  • When it is happening
  • Who is doing it
  • How inputs and outputs are handled and distributed
  • How information and data needs are established

Involve the team in mapping both the current ‘as-is’ process as well as designing to future ‘to-be’ process.