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Delivering Results Themes

There are some themes that need to be considered through all phases of the lifecycle.
Consideration of each of these themes should be made for every initiative although the extent to which will vary depending on the type, size or complexity.

Oversight and Decision Making

To ensure the relevant controls are in place to give assurance that the benefits and risks are being managed. To ensure the Business Case remains viable and do-able throughout the initiative and that the initiative is owned.


To ensure delivery is well planned, costs controlled and resource activity understood.


To ensure the impacted stakeholders are committed, through undertaking good stakeholder analysis and communications. As well as inspiring, developing and embedding effective leadership practices and behaviours through the initiative and beyond.


To ensure the outputs and benefits are fit for purpose and meet the stakeholder requirements.

Themes across the Lifecycle matrix

Use this matrix to see how to apply the tools and templates across each phase of the Delivering Results lifecycle.