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Stakeholder Management

“A stakeholder can be an individual or group who are affected by and / or have an interest in the change”
Source: APM

There a 4 keys stages to ensure successful stakeholder engagement and this is known as stakeholder management.

Effective stakeholder management ensures you understand people’s stake in the initiative.

It should also encourage you to consider what might be the barriers to delivering the change.

Good stakeholder management takes actions to understand, achieve and sustain the right commitment through the delivery of the change.

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholders may change at different points in the lifecycle.

Stakeholder Mapping

The stakeholder radar can be used when mapping stakeholders to understand the level of interest and importance.


The RACI tool can be used to help clarify roles and responsibilities.


Effective communications need to be planned and can be key to an initiative's success.

Roles & Responsibilities

It is essential to formally agree the roles and responsibilities early in on in the initiative to ensure everyone is clear on what is expected from them.