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Chimp Management

Prof Steve Peters, shared 'The CHIMP model' in his book, 'The Chimp Paradox'. This has become a well known and respected model to help people understand both themselves and others, and the obstacles that people face when making changes.

The model sees the brain as being divided into three teams:

  1. The first team is you, the Human works with facts and truth, and then makes deductions using logical thinking.
  2. The second team is the Chimp, an independent thinking brain that is not under your control. It works with feelings and impressions.
  3. The third team is the Computer. It acts as a memory and can also act as an automatic thinking and acting machine that is programmed to take over if the Chimp or Human is asleep or if they allow it to run ahead of them.

The CHIMP model

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Hints & Tips

  • Having an awareness of this model, allows people to manage themselves during difficult periods of change.