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Highlight Reports

A highlight report is used to provide key stakeholders with a summary of the initiative status at regular intervals.

The report can then be used to monitor progress of the initiative and to flag any particular issues or concerns to the Board, via the Project Manager.

The Highlight Report should provide an update on the following areas:

  • Overall status
  • Progress in the current period (i.e. since last report)
  • Any variance from the plan
  • Milestones
  • Key risks and issues
  • Plan for next period

The highlight report can be completed on initiatives, programmes or projects from all areas of the university to provide a snapshot of progress at a particular point in time.

Click the DOWNLOAD button to access the Highlight Report template.


Hints & Tips

  • The highlight report can be used to update and reassure key stakeholders on progress.
  • Highlight reports need to be produced at a frequency that is in alignment with the pace of the project.
  • The highlight report will typically be produced by the Project Manager and shared with the Business Lead before being shared with wider stakeholders.
  • For larger initiatives the highlight report contains a more detailed breakdown of progress by individual workstream. For smaller initiatives, this level of detail may not be necessary.