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Actions & Decisions

Capturing actions and decisions throughout the initiative is useful as an audit of how the initiative has progressed. Applied through the initiative governance, it is a record of discussion points and confirms the agreement of those involved.

Actions and Decisions LogĀ 

The Actions and Decisions Log acts as a central point in which to collate and track the key actions and decisions associated with the initiative. This record includes information on where the discussion was held, who was involved, progress and when it is due.

Click the DOWNLOAD button to access the Actions and Decisions template:



Hints & Tips

  • It is recommended one Actions and Decisions Log is maintained for the initiative.
  • For larger initiatives, it may be more effective to have multiple logs to service the different meetings / groups, however, these should be kept to a minimum.
  • It is suggested that emails, minutes etc. are saved in relation to actions and decisions to ensure an evidence base is available if required and correct references made within the forum column so that this is easily tracked.