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Workable Range

Each individual has their own workable range, or balanced state, where they feel well and can function well, with a dynamic range of tolerable stress and emotion. Stressors can lead to you moving outside the workable range. The spaces above and below the workable range represent high or low threat-based stress arousal, energy and emotional states respectively.

Reflecting on your own workable range, thresholds and tolerances will enable you to work effectively. Similarly, recognising when you are outside the workable range, identifying triggers and understanding how to return to the workable range will minimise these periods of hyper / hypo arousal.

Source: Sally Rose, 2015.

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Hints & Tips

  • Everyone has different tolerance levels for some states and emotions.
  • There is individual variety in thresholds of emotion, the time to peak and recover to a baseline.
  • Use this tool to help understand your own responses and also to recognise it in members of your team.