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Reflective Analysis

Reflective Analysis leading to continuous improvement should be instilled throughout the initiative lifecycle to ensure the initiative team review and analyse lessons learned at key gateways or phases. This should be lessons captured throughout the project by key team members as and when these become apparent.

At the end of each phase, the project team should stop and review the previous phase to see whether anything went especially well or needed improvement.

  • Reflecting on how we’ve undertaken activity helps us to continuously improve.
  • It allows us to learn from past experience whether positive or not.
  • It assists in increasing the accuracy of planning and estimating.
  • It improves quality in decision making and confidence in delivery.

Reflective Analysis / Lessons Learned Template

The lessons learned log should be used for recording lessons throughout the initiative lifecycle to then review and analyse the captured lessons learned, areas for improvement and actions. This could be done in a workshop scenario or owned by workstream/ project leads.

For each identified action, the Owner will be responsible for closure/completion. This could be shared via the PMO across the University to enable wider learning

Click the DOWNLOAD button to access the Lessons Learned Log template


Hints & Tips

  • It is recommended you carry out a review at regular intervals during the activity rather than waiting until the end to enable any remedial action to be taken and improvements made.
  • It is helpful to review lessons learned from previous similar initiatives before starting new activity to prevent the same mistakes being repeated.
  • Actively seek feedback and share your lessons learned with others in similar roles.