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Programme Board Report

The Programme Board report template is a slide pack reporting template which allows key information to be presented on progress, finances, risks, issues and opportunities so that the members of the board are kept informed to enable them to make key decisions required of them mostly in relation to finances and change approvals.

The agenda is a suggested running order however you may need to amend and update this depending on the focus for that specific Programme Board meeting.

Click the DOWNLOAD button to access the Programme Board Report Template



Hints & Tips

  • Ensure that you amend the sections to suit the size and complexity of the initiative, some will require more detailed updates than others.
  • Placeholder, example tables have been included on certain slides. This is suggested content only and extracts can be taken from the original documents if more detail is required.
  • Suggested appendices that you may wish to issue alongside this slide pack:
  • Actions and Decisions Log
  • Resource Matrix
  • Risk and Issues Log
  • Change Control Log
  • Detailed Programme
  • Budget Tracker
  • Highlight Report
  • UCDG Report