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Delivering results involves leadership capability, both to lead yourself and others.

Several tools are available to help navigate the period of delivery, including how to support the team, understand motivations, effective working ranges and the emotional response.

These tools will also inspire, develop and embed effective leadership practices and behaviours through the initiative and beyond.

Personal Resilience

This model shows four key components of resilience to consider when faced with challenges.

Chimp Management

Gain an understanding into why we make the decisions we do.

Understand the Team

Use this framework to consider what may threaten or reward yourself and members of your team during the initiative.

Transition through Change

Manage your teams and stakeholders through an activity or initiative through understanding the process of coming to acceptance.

Workable Range

Understanding your workable range where you are most effective and how to deal with stressors that push you out of this balanced state.

Organisational Development and Professional Learning

The OD&PL team at the University offer development opportunities to support leadership practice. They also provide resources and workshops on personal development. Find out more on their website.