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  • An important aspect of quality management is good requirements management i.e. gathering and assessing stakeholder wants and needs.
  • The illustration below, originally created in the 1960’s, demonstrates the importance of understanding the customers’ or students’ requirements and clearly communicating to all stakeholders.
  • Good requirements analysis leads you to better understand the customer or student needs, and helps you break them down into detailed, specific requirements that everyone agrees on.
  • It’s usually quicker and cheaper to fix a misunderstanding at the analysis stage than when it is delivered.
  • Requirements analysis helps us understand what aspect of a process needs to be tested.

Hints & Tips

  • Ask the key stakeholders to provide their requirements.
  • Hold a requirements workshop to ensure a clear understanding with all.
  • Prioritise requirements and gain approval from stakeholders.
  • For larger initiatives, consider utilising a Business Analyst to help with this activity.