Health Checks

A Health Check is a form of assurance that can be used to assess how well the initiative is performing relative to its outcomes and the relevant processes and standards. It ensures the initiative is Doing the Right things and Doing things Right. This can be implemented at any time during an initiative’s lifecycle and is an independent review rather than carried out by the immediate initiative team.

The timescales for carrying out a Health Check should be agreed at the initiative outset with the initiative team and then detailed within the quality plan for the initiative to ensure that all members of the initiative are aware of when this will occur.

It is based on best practice from OGC, APM and Prince2.

Health Check Report

Health Check Report Template

This Health Check Report  template has guidance and examples embedded within the document.  Recommendations from the health check should be documented and tracked to ensure that quality is being improved where it is required on the initiative.  For larger initiatives more than one health check may be carried out during the initiative’s lifecycle but for smaller initiatives this may not be required.

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