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Regular reporting on a number of standard items is good practice for management of any initiative. It gives essential oversight to those not involved in the day to day running of an initiative and provides an update on progress, risks and opportunities. It also provides an opportunity for sign-off on changes to the original scope that are required from senior leadership representatives present at the governance meetings.

Through regular reporting you can ensure:

  • The initiative remains aligned to the agreed delivery timescales.
  • All stakeholders have clear visibility of progress to-date and to ensure their expectations are managed accordingly.
  • The reporting and data function clearly aligns to the agreed governance and integration arrangements.
  • An efficient and consistent reporting function is utilised throughout the lifecycle of the initiative.

The reporting cycle including  various report templates available through Delivering Results as follows:


Report Templates Available

UCDG Report

A number of strategic change initiatives report monthly to the University Change Delivery Group (UCDG).

Programme Board Report

The Programme Board report template is a slide pack reporting template for presentation at meetings to ensure the board are kept informed and to enable them to make key decisions.

Highlight Report

A Highlight Report is used to provide key stakeholders and the overseeing body with a summary of the initiative status at regular intervals.