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Overseeing Body

The overseeing body (e.g. Project or Programme Board) is a vital component in any initiative to provide leadership and decision making. It is led by the Sponsor who has responsibility for ensuring the initiative is delivered. Its membership should comprise of key representatives who have responsibilities in the initiative. It ensures that the initiative is strategically aligned and delivers against the expected benefits. The overseeing body seeks assurance, throughout the stages of the initiative, that its Business Case remains viable. It does this by approval of gateway reviews.

More information on Governance and approach for the overseeing body, including Terms of Reference and key roles and responsibilities can be found at the link below, within the Governance Strategy & Management Plan.


Hints & Tips

  • Establish the overseeing body early in the project.
  • The overseeing body will normally manage by exception so agree tolerances and reporting schedule.
  • Use the membership to gain senior stakeholder support and establish ‘critical friends’.
  • Ensure all members are clear on their roles and responsibilities.
  • See section on stakeholder management for help with clarifying roles and responsibilities.