Documenting process information

To add depth of understanding to your process maps and models it is important to provide some additional information to allow the reader to better understand the context of the subject process.

Information to be included with your process:

  • The process name and level to which it is documented.
  • Your name and the date or time period when the process was captured.
  • Background to the process – Why it is needed? What is the intended outcome?
  • Input and output of the process – What is the trigger? What is produced?
  • Constraints – Any rules, legalities, conditions or restrictions which apply to the process.
  • Process Owner – The name and title of the person responsible for the process. E.g. Elizabeth Dodd, Head of Business Change.
  • SME – The name of the primary SME (Subject Matter Expert) contact(s)
  • Location – Where is the process performed?
  • Timing – When is the process performed?
  • Associated processes – Up-stream (before) and down-stream (after) processes which are reliant upon the subject process, or the subject process is reliant upon.